Interview with JC Conway - Episode 001

Just Hertz So Good

On this episode my guest is JC Conway.  A one time pitching prospect, he decided to shed his diamond dreams and opted for the world of business and finance.  JC did both his undergrad and Masters of Business Administration from UNR.  During that time he took an impactful class offered by Chris Howard’s called “Value Creation” and then later his he was inspired by a Social Media marketing class offered by Brett Simmons who now is primary spokesperson for TEDx University of Nevada. Many of the things he learned from Simmons class he applies to many of his social media pursuits today.

JC shares his aha! moment that took place in his life when a few years back while giving a presentation he had a full blown panic attack.  That moment led him to explore meditation which has since become a part of his daily ritual.  A ritual that includes waking up at 4:05am, going to the gym, drinking a protein shake, then taking an ice cold shower, all leading up to the crescendo of thirty two minutes of mindful meditation.  How many 30 year olds do you know that have this level of focus and dedication?

His path with meditation has led him to connect with Leigh Hurst with the Purposeful Living Healing Center and JC is a regular contributor in both written and video blogs on her site and within the community.  We also talk about our mutual love for Audio Books, general curiosity about life and how to “live optimally.”

We wrapped up with the three things that Just Hertz So Good for JC right now, which are:

  1. Getting his ass kicked by his wife Chante who recently got her personal training license. 
  2. The mindfulness community that is growing here in Reno
  3. Developing his own personal brand
  4. And a bonus 4th – binge watching and catching up on House of Cards.

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