A Master of Media: A Conversation with Bob Conrad from This Is Reno and the Solutions Podcast - Ep35

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On today’s show my guest is Bob Conrad.  

Bob is a true master of media and our conversation today covers everything from Bob’s humble beginnings as a journalism student to his career as a media manager and creator of the This is Reno website.

Bobs path to success is a windy one that includes a PHD, years of public relations work and almost two decades of professional writing.

If you want to know what it takes to be successful in the world of media and advertising, Bob’s story is sure to give you some insight. Hint: it takes hard work and the ability to wear a lot of different hats.

Finally, if you love stories and you like a good murder mystery then this is the podcast for you because Bob gives us a behind the scenes look at his self-produced Podcast called Solutions which is currently in its second season.

Season two of the Solutions Podcast follows the mysterious murder of an undercover Reno Police Officer named James Hoff back in 1979. Officer Hoff was stabbed to death by four young men in Reno but new evidence suggest that some of these men might have been over-sentenced.

Whats amazing about this part of our conversation with Bob is to hear how he produces these episodes himself and how the story continues to evolve as he continues to investigate. As Bob puts it, “I don’t know where this story is gong to end”

So sit back, pop in your headphones, and enjoy listening to our episode #35 of the Just Hertz So Good Podcast!

See you next time for Episode #36!