A Taste of Success: A conversation about growing a thriving restaurant in Reno with Kasey Christensen - Ep37

On today’s episode my guest is Kasey Christensen.  Kasey and her husband Christian are the owner operators of the restaurant Sup located in the heart of Midtown which opened its doors in August of 2007 and has had a line down the street during lunchtime ever since.

But Kasey story and her road to success has taken a lot of crazy turns. Back in 2007 Kasey and her husband Christian decided to take a leap of faith and buy property in the fledgling MidTown District in Reno during our country's worst recession in over 100 years.

As a lifelong entrepreneur Kasey was ready to take on the challenge of starting a new restaurant in Reno but the difficulty it presented her and her husband in the first few years almost ended their dream before it could get started.  

Kasey shares the story of bootstrapping their business to make it what it is today. As you can image success doesn't happen overnight and Kasey and her husband shared many evenings not knowing if they would be able to keep the doors opened to their beloved restaurant.

From not knowing if they can make payroll to having a thriving restaurant in the hippest part of Reno, Kasey and her husband never gave up on their dream and found a perfect recipe for success that includes making GREAT food, sticking to what they do best and taking care of their employees.

Kasey’s determination and desire to keep her business alive and to make Sup successful is truly inspiring.

If you want to hear the story of an amazingly courageous entrepreneur then this episode is for you!

Thank you as always for listening and please be sure to go see Kasey and her husband Christian at Sup located at 669 S. Virginia St., Midtown Reno.

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We look forward to seeing you next time for our 38th episode of the Just Hertz So Good Show!